Atop the sloping mound of blue & green, Where the purest of Sun’s ray fills one from within, Allow your mind to come to rest, where nature shows herself at her best.

As your eyes scale the scintillating view of the compelling peaks of the Aravali Hills, get enveloped in supreme serenity. Set your soul free as it dances to the tunes of nature’s melody… experience nature at its undiluted best, with the comfort of present-day luxury. With four courtyard villas and two pool villas, the sprawling 11 acres of resort area houses a total of 37 cottages that are thoughtfully designed and well attended to soak your senses in pure bliss.

Mahua bagh Advanture

Take the trail that echoes the crackling of the jungle floor, Pass through the ancient trees that once witnessed the royal valor. Peeping from the woods, catch glimpses of the inhabitants of the wild, Experience the marvel of Mewar that stretches over more than a mile. Come… take a trail into the wilderness…

Perched on a lofty height of 1100 meters above sea level, Mahua Bagh Resort is stationed on its own private grounds within stone’s throw of the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh Fort and other heritage sites. Not far from here is the impressive Kumbhalgarh fortress wall that ceases only after 36km, making it the largest wall of India. At Mahua Bagh, witness the gratifying side of Kumbhalgarh’s rich vegetation and wildlife or simply let your spirit wander into the wilderness of marvels from ancient times. At every bend and turn on the road, the daunting view of Kumbhalgarh will strike you with sheer wonderment.


This beautifully preserved habitat perched on an altitude of 11,000 meters could be reached through Udaipur.


Village Kamboda, Sayara Road, Kumbhalgarh
Distt. Rajsamand, Rajasthan 313325
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+ 91 8696603333, 8696604444
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